Why Body Butter is better than regular lotion.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

There is one thing that all body butters and lotions have in common: they both moisturize your skin. One, on the other hand, is more effective than the other.  We advocate using a thick body butter instead of a light lotion. Why? Because of the nutrients and the incredible skin advantages they provide.

While lotion in general is an option for moisturizing the skin, our butters are great to use all year round, especially great during the cold holiday season. Shea Butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, and jojoba oil work together to provide you with the finest moisturizing experience you've ever had in your life.

Here are four reasons why you should use body butter on a regular basis:

1. It leaves your skin feeling extremely soft. Body butter is made out of oils (jojoba, almond, Shea, and so on) rather than water, which means that one application will do the trick. They also contain essential oils and vitamins like lavender, vitamin E, and eucalyptus, among other ingredients. Apart from making your body smell beautiful, they also aid in the healing of your skin, making it silky and smooth to the touch.

2. It helps to keep your skin protected. The oils help protect the skin from the effects of the environment and contaminants, which can cause your skin to become dry. Because of this protective layer, it is thicker, more nourishing, and will keep skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

3. It is beneficial for stretch marks and scars. Remember those healing effects we talked about earlier? Yes, this is also true in the long term for stretch marks and scars, which implies that by moisturizing your skin, you are really repairing it! Emphasis on the long-term.

4. It helps to keep your cuticles healthy. When you have some body butter on hand, there's no need to spend money on cuticle oils or creams. Cuticles may be saved from drying out by massaging some body butter into them!

Tip: To get the most out of your body butter, use it after a warm shower and before bedtime to seal in moisture and pamper your skin.

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