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Energy Cleansing Smudge Set

  • Energy cleansing smudge sticks deliver a deep and intense purifying smoke. Handmade with organic white sage and palo santo.

    Smudging is a ceremony practiced by some Native American Tribes, that involves the burning of white sage and other sacred herbs for spiritual cleansing and blessings.


    4" Palo Santo’s wood has a sweet warm smell and can be used to bless, heal, and consecrate a space.

    3"- 4" Flower Sage Smudge stick is sage wrapped in the sweet aroma of Roses. All of the benefits of sage are enhanced with the smell of rose. The White Sage is one of several types of sage but is known for being of the highest quality of all the varieties available. It is a very powerful tool for clearing away negative energy.


    **Copper/Brass Bowl not included.

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