Facial Gua Sha Stone

  • Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese tool used to gently massage the face to stimulate the lymph nodes, increase blood flow and provide a natural glow.


    Bian stone is the original natural stone the Chinese have used for more than 2500 years. The stone has many good qualities containing more than 40 minerals i.a. magnesium and zinc, which can help calm the body and prevent pigment changes.


    Please note: You will need to use an oil with your stone. Please feel free to use one of our Facial Oils when using your Gua Sha Stone.


    For Gua Sha to work properly, the tool must slide over your skin. This is a technique that engages your lymph to filter out the stagnant fluid. If there is too much grip on the tool, it will be too deep of work to engage your lymph system. 


    Please be advised that the Facial Gua Sha can break if you drop it; therefore store it in a safe place specifically in the pouch that comes with it.



    You can easily clean your gua sha with soap and warm water; it should be done after each use  as not to spread bacteria.